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You’re Too Forgettable

It has been a fun week here in Charleston. With lots of amazing support from friends, as well as people reaching out for help with their digital brand in the need for consulting.  Which means we’ve been looking at a lot of websites, apps, branding, design and strategies; you’ve been sending over to us.


Most of the stuff we’ve looked I can’t honestly recall at this moment.

Why? Because it was all forgettable.

No More Forgettable Digital Collateral, Please.

Does your organization produce collateral just for the sake of producing it? You know the ones. The bad quote images, that make no sense or have no context to your mission, vision or values. Websites that are a poor representation of your messaging. Apps that look horrible. Facebook pages that have no community on them because you are posting to post with not thought of strategy or target audience.

If so STOP. No. Really stop!

Every digital space is jam-packed with people pushing their content out. Don’t become a “me too” company. If you’ve become a “me too” company hit pause for a while and let's figure this out.

Becoming Rememberable

There are  2 ways you can be rememberable today!

Start with having an opinion on topics. You don’t have to be divisive but people are looking for people who have an opinion and can back up that opinion with real unemotional information.

Second. Someone once said: “Don’t raise your voice, improve your argument.” This is true for you in every digital platform. You have to constantly with the argument of why you are the best for your clients and why you are the answer to their problems.

Let Me Help

If you or your company are stuck being forgettable, let me help you become rememberable. It could be as easy as a consult to get you back on track. No matter where you are in your on the map of being rememberable we can help you stand out in the masses of forgettable people and companies.

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