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Weekend Roundup: Episode 1

In the last few weeks I've been asked 10 - 12 times, what books are you reading, what podcasts are you listening to, what youtube channels are you watching, and who are you following? So starting this weekend I'm going to publish a weekend recap of all the things I'm reading, listening to and watching.

As a digital communications practitioner, creative, entrepreneur and overall digital nerd, the following are the people I currently am looking at weekly for inspiration and information.  While I'm sure many people will be frustrated most of these are NOT Christian or Church related even though the Church is my life in these days, but right now the church is playing a slow third for inspiration in my world.



Mark Schaefer - {Grow}
Gini Dietrich - SpinSucks
Phil Cooke -
Danny Brown - There's More To Live Than Social Media
- Brett Trapp - Blue Babies Pink (Brett is causing a conversation like no one has before)


I'm in my car 90 minutes a day right now and podcast are what are keeping me sane and thinking. These are the ones I'm downloading weekly, right now.
This American Life
Revisionist History (By Malcolm Gladwell)
The Way I Heard It With Mike Rowe
Craig Groeschel Leadership


Daily I search these accounts because they are the most creative and inspiring to me.
- Matt_Bocker
- garyschapman
- bns_france
- joannamaclennanphotograpy


I’m encouraged daily by these people. They all inspire me and make me think about my life and how I can inspire more people daily.
Jarrid Wilson
Bob Goff
- Mike Foster


These people I'm watching these days closely because they are making the world stop and watch them.
- Pete Willson
- Brett Trapp
- Casey Neistat

Who are you watching? Reading? Following?

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