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Jetlag, Timing, and Hope For The Future

First Morning In Uganda

I woke up this morning, before the sun came up, to the sound of the Adhan (the Islamic call to prayer), I wasn't sure if it was the middle of the night or dawn as time is lost now that I’m back in Uganda at the Sole Hope guesthouse for the second time as part of #solestories. Just as started to drift back to sleep a rooter started to crow, for the next 90 mins - this dude crowed with all the gusto and all the power he could muster.  The sun was not going to be up for while but the rooster knew whathe needed to be doing, but his timing was off. As I lay in the dark, jet-lagged, listening to the different sounds outside I thought more about the conversation I've had many times with Drü and Asher Collie as they recounted their story of the early days of Sole Hope and how important timing is - everything has it's time and place.


The Early Days of Sole Hope

A few years ago Drü and Asher moved their family to Jinga, Uganda, to make a difference; Sole Hope was born. An organization to "offer HOPE, healthier lives and freedom from foot related diseases through education, jobs and medical relief." I watched them struggle with moving their family Uganda, a bit like this morning's rooster, it often seemed like the timing was off.

As we talked last night it was obvious how important timing really is; their dream has often felt it like would never come to life. They’ve dealt with families, communities, and Governments who say that Jiggers are not an issue - they’ve wept and struggled to help deal with this bug (Jiggers) that wrecks people lives, deforms their bodies, and causes them to be shamed by their love ones.

It never ceases to be inspiring just how Asher knew, without a shadow of a doubt, that this was her mission in life.

I’ve known Drü and Asher for many years now. I’ve watched them battle and struggle how to make this calling and dream a reality.

No matter how many times they came across an obstacle, a challenge, or just bad timing they did 3 things consistently:

  • They kept pushing forward.
  • They kept working.
  • They kept dreaming knowing that the dawn of their dream was coming soon.

Time to take the next step (Building Hope)

As Drü and Asher told us about how far they have come since the early days of Sole Hope their eyes started to twinkle as they told us about an ambitious and necessary goal; they are buying land so that they can further fulfill Sole Hope's mission - the goal of creating the first ever Jigger clinic which is very much needed as hospitals regularly turn away people with Jiggers who are in desperate need of medical attention because of the social stigma.

The plot of land that Sole Hope wants to buy is the last large plot of land available in Jinja and would allow Sole Hope to have a permanent home in Jinga.

This new venture is going to cost them $500,000.00 and Sole Hope and the people they help need YOUR help.

You can see more about the project in the infographic below (click to enlarge) and you can find out more by visiting their fundraising page.

The time for Sole Hope is NOW!

Find out how you can help them take the next step and get involved!

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