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March 17, 2015 - 4 comments

I Want To Forget Today; But I Hope I Never Do!

Today I cried.

It’s not something I do much but today I cried because of pain.

Pain is relative, or so I found out today - I remember playing soccer in High School and breaking a few of my toes, and I thought that hurt, when my son fell in the bathroom hit his head I thought that hurt. Holding young Brian in my arms today hurt, I hurt for his pain.

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March 16, 2015 - No Comments!

Jetlag, Timing, and Hope For The Future

First Morning In Uganda

I woke up this morning, before the sun came up, to the sound of the Adhan (the Islamic call to prayer), I wasn't sure if it was the middle of the night or dawn as time is lost now that I’m back in Uganda at the Sole Hope guesthouse for the second time as part of #solestories. Just as started to drift back to sleep a rooter started to crow, for the next 90 mins - this dude crowed with all the gusto and all the power he could muster.  The sun was not going to be up for while but the rooster knew whathe needed to be doing, but his timing was off. As I lay in the dark, jet-lagged, listening to the different sounds outside I thought more about the conversation I've had many times with Drü and Asher Collie as they recounted their story of the early days of Sole Hope and how important timing is - everything has it's time and place.


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