The Start of Social Village

In 2009 I launched Social Village, as my first company. I learn so much in those early years. Made many life long friends. I also made a lot of mistakes that I've never made again.

The following is what Social Village was all about!




About Social Village

Social Village was established to help businesses, organizations, and individuals tell their story to a world yearning for life change and world impact.

What’s the Big Idea?

Researching social media, marketing, and branding options available to companies and entrepreneurs, Social Village, saw a pattern. It was clear that people wanted permission to make a difference in the world, to do good, to change the face of their community. To be part of a tribe.

What’s a Tribe?

Despite difficult economic times, organizations continue to be born. These agencies are born out of the drive, commitment, passion, and generosity of a tribe of people. Who are these people that make up the tribe? They are loyal supporters who rally around their causes, donating time, money, and resources in the name of doing good.

What’s the Mission?

Social Village was established to partner with these passionate and driven people, tribes of dedicated individuals who lend their time, talent, and money to help change the world. The goal is to help tell the story:: to clearly define and highlight the need, the passion, and the actions that can be taken to do good on a local or global scale.

Why Social Village?

Nobody can tell your story better than you. Social Village will teach you how and where to tell your story, to generate the best results. We don’t speak for you — we help you tell more interesting stories. Every tribe starts with one. When you partner with Social Village, we come together to help the tribe prosper through branding, marketing, and communication strategies.