Missing Earrings and Reality

Ugandan Child Sacrifice

When I arrived at the Sole Hope Guest house, there was no one there apart from the Ugandan staff and a few Ugandan kids who were staying inside the compound. While I waited for Drü or Asher to arrive I tried to talk to the kids. As one of the kids walked past me I noticed a hole in his ear, where most people with piercings have an earring.

Powered By Love


In that moment, I realized that no matter how we feel, where we are, what we think we need, we all really just need to know that we’re accepted, valued, heard and loved. I’m often amazed about how much I learn about life from my children.

The Paradigm of Community


How is it when my eyes start to go, I get glasses, but when my heart starts to wane, or disconnect, I think nothing of it. I brush it off as being a guy or having a bad day.